Case Studies


CMS have completed the installation of a new 200mm diameter High Temperature Hot Water riser at Gatwick Airport. The new installation within one of the airports service shafts replaces an existing line which over many years of service had failed through metal fatigue. The existing pipe work was 175mm diameter (7 inch) carbon steel tube, a very rare size disused many years ago in the HVAC industry. This was a very unique problem to the project. However with much help from an extremely knowledgeable contact (and good friend) CMS was able to have 175mm Table H flanges specially manufactured and machined to accept the new more modern 200mm Sched 40 carbon steel tube.

These works included the modification and adaptation of the existing structural steel work within the shaft in order to remove the old and install the new pipe work.

The service shafts are very high. All works were carried out from fixed scaffolding erected within the shaft and all pipe sections were lifted into place using certified lifting equipment to ensure maximum safety for operatives and protection to the building.

The Key Points

  • Alterations to Steelwork
  • Problems resolved
  • Works completed safely